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    GOP: There is zero first-hand knowledge
    Absinthe_Mind · a few seconds ago

    That is completely wrong. A lot of witnesses, Taylor in the first place, had a first-hand knowledge, Sondland too.

    AOC: Lawmakers need to read whistleblower report
    Absinthe_Mind · 5 hours ago

    Cortez is right, of course they should read
    the report…it is ridiculous that they
    haven’t at this late date.
    The whistle blower should also be
    present at the hearing…unless Schiff
    has even more to hide!?

    Pelosi still hopes that Senate will move on impeachment
    Absinthe_Mind · 5 hours ago

    She can keep hoping, it ain’t gonna happen.

    New public impeachment hearings are announced
    Absinthe_Mind · 5 hours ago

    Go get him Schiff.

    Tulsi Gabbard's lawyers sent a letter to Hillary Clinton
    Absinthe_Mind · 7 hours ago

    What was Hillary thinking?
    Gabbard did nothing to deserve this
    attack, and I hope Hillary does the right
    thing, and apologises.
    I won’t hold my breath though.

    Johnson accuses Corbyn of "political onanism"
    Absinthe_Mind · 11 hours ago

    Not the best choice of words by Johnson?
    He’s like an ‘upper class’ Trump, with his
    verbal gaffes, only Trump would not be
    able to pronounce the Latin???.
    I expect Johnson’s advisers will suggest
    alternative wording.

    Trump: I do not want to be more popular than Obama
    Absinthe_Mind · a day ago

    Sour grapes, sweet lemons.
    Trump cannot be more popular than Obama even if he wanted to be (and I’m sure that he wants to be).

    Reagan too was called a fascist
    Absinthe_Mind · a day ago

    Reagan was a bit of a cowboy.
    Fascist, I think not.

    Impeachment is illegitimate: Read these 10 reasons
    Absinthe_Mind · a day ago

    It seems incredible that Schiff’s lies, deceit
    and coup attempts have gone so far.
    The allegations appear wafer thin in
    this rabid witchhunt.

    The Brexit party decides to step aside
    Absinthe_Mind · a day ago

    Farage will cement himself into the
    History books, as a Patriot who respected the will of the people.
    What is missing in this piece, is that
    Johnson has disagreed with the E.U’s
    proposal of a 3 year’transition period’, and
    has reduced this to 1 year…which will
    mean that trading will come sooner
    and other E.U policies will not be as
    drawn out.
    So, this is the nearest Farage will get to
    a ‘clean break Brexit’, and to assure Brexit
    is implemented, he has withdrawn his
    M.P’s from the Tory held constituencies.
    Major boost for leavers (including 5
    million Labour voters), who have been
    betrayed by career politicians.
    Not such good news for the remoaners.

    Can public impeachment proceedings change public opinion?
    Absinthe_Mind · 2 days ago

    You are overestimating the public. Unfortunately, the majority of them only think what the mainstream media says to them. They do not have their own head.

    Trump to end DACA
    Absinthe_Mind · 2 days ago

    Kick the parents out, they risked their
    kids futures by bringing them over illegally.

    Giant baby Trump balloon destroyed in Alabama
    Absinthe_Mind · 3 days ago

    The saddest moment in our Balloon History.

    GOP releases its impeachment witness list
    Absinthe_Mind · 3 days ago

    What a surprise, slippery Schiff, being
    ‘selective’ with the witness list.