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    Biden breaks all-time television spending record
    american.tics · 6 days ago

    All that russia money he got…

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    Donald Trump Promises To Attend Next POTUS Debate Despite “Biased Commission”s New Muted Mic Rule – Update
    american.tics · 8 days ago

    Muted mics…no hunter questions,These Swap types change the rules whenever they feel like it…American Tics…

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    Biden Team Prepares for Potentially Bumpy Transition
    american.tics · 8 days ago

    Transition to prison? American Tics…

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    Biden and Democrats raised record $383 million in September for White House bid
    american.tics · 15 days ago

    Well sleepy joe thinks he is in the senate race…somebody please tell him he is running for president,

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