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    Neither witness had direct contact with Trump
    ashandkev · a few seconds ago

    It looks like the Dems are losing even the war on the public opinion now. Toobin, of all people. But he may come to regret it in a couple of years time…the same was the case with Hillary’s email server.

    Johnson accuses Corbyn of "political onanism"
    ashandkev · 7 hours ago

    Corbyn, and his anti Semite chums will
    no doubt’make a meal of this’…but
    Johnson is pretty much home and dry.

    Election campaign in full swing in Great Britain
    ashandkev · a day ago

    It looks like the little one’s kid Brother
    standing behind???

    Trump tweeted or retweeted 82 times on Saturday
    ashandkev · 2 days ago

    And… should he be impeached now
    for tweeting?

    How Tim Cook charmed Trump
    ashandkev · 2 days ago

    Business is business.

    Burisma lobbied Obama admin to drop investigation
    ashandkev · 3 days ago

    It Looks like the cover up is coming from
    the Dems side?
    No wonder Schiff is disallowing any
    bi-partizan involvement in his very
    shadey, behind closed doors, impeachment hearings.
    With John Kerry and indeed Obama’s
    names being linked to the wrongdoings
    at Burisma, the Dems have a lot to lose.
    Hence, the uneven playing field and the
    Trump involvement facade.

    Alleged war on Thanksgiving over global warming?
    ashandkev · 4 days ago

    If these hippies start messing with
    Thanksgiving, there will be a riot???

    Do not do this to your TV!
    ashandkev · 5 days ago

    Killed himself…not like Epstein, of course.

    Warren now taking digs at Bloomberg
    ashandkev · 5 days ago

    The squabbling continues within
    the undemocrats.

    The funniest gaffes of Boris Johnson
    ashandkev · 6 days ago

    He looks like Trump’s long lost, educated
    baby Brother on reefer.

    Pennsylvania suburbs are against Trump
    ashandkev · 6 days ago

    Everybody plus the ‘kitchen sink’ are
    against Trump at the moment.
    An awful lot of things can change in
    a year, and Teflon Don will overcome.

    National presidential polls are useless
    ashandkev · 6 days ago

    2016 being a very good example of this?

    Covering completely different stories? Alternative realities of our mainstream media
    ashandkev · 7 days ago

    That is a good observation. I have noticed the same. Their strategy now is to cover-up and spin as much as they can.
    I only do not agree that these witnesses have a second-hand account of what was going on. Sondland, in particular, had a first-hand account.

    Don Jr tweets the name of the whistleblower
    ashandkev · 7 days ago

    If Chiaramella really is the whistleblower, Don Jr should be prosecuted for revealing his protected identity.

    Top Democratic candidates have an advantage over Trump
    ashandkev · 8 days ago

    Hm, only the impeachment, really?

    “Impeachment is not the only factor, since the trend dates to early September. Among Trump’s broader challenges, six in 10 Americans or more say he’s not honest and trustworthy, lacks the kind of personality and temperament it takes to serve effectively and doesn’t understand their problems. Slightly smaller majorities doubt his deal-making, delivery of “needed change” to Washington and leadership generally”