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Facebook, you are done!! If Americans are blocked from expressing comments about an unamerican org. like BLM, and its founders, who are MARXISTS (communist), the Facebook deserves to left behind by millions of real Americans, like me. Donald Trumps new social media will be a Godsend and full of FREEDOM to express our views without illegal censorship! Also, Mike Lindells new site “Frank” will be a welcome new format. Facebook and Twitter are now hasbeens and deserve to vanish.

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How may Maxine Waters serve in the United States Congress when the IS a domestic terrorist??? Inciting street violence, and last year, telling people, in public, that she would “take Trump out, tonight” if she could. She MUST BE EXPELLED from the House of Reps. immediatly! There is no room for m ore radical BS in our country.

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Need I say more? When corporations go political, they doom themselves. Maybe Coke and Delta should move out of Georgia. Pepsi and American airlines would like that, as I would…

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When corporations,go political, it is time to “cancel” them! I have banned coke products from my home and business. Pepsi is better. No politics.

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