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    President Trump may be a shoe in for reelection, but are the Republican, and independent Senators and House Rep wanna-bes
    ready to challenge the Democrats who are up for reelection, also??? They need to sell their names, ideas, and loyalties, to their voters, and be LOUD about it!!! Pelosi, Shiff, Schumer, and others MUST be ousted, for our country to move forward. (And even Republican traitor, Mitt Romney) . President Trump has honored EVERY campaign promise he has spoken of, and we need that to continu…

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    Nancy Pelosi and her cronies have now begun their trip to eternal doom and gloom! This impeachment farce is about over, as the Senate takes over. Remember, the Ukrainian President said himself, their was no pressure or demands made by President Trump, in relation to foreign aid! Abuse of power, too? What is good for Donald Trump has shown to be a windfall for the American people. Is that abuse of power? I think not! The stock market is booming, and unemployment is at its lowest level in many decades…

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    Let’s get real, all you pro impeachment democrats and others! You think the President is out for personal gain and not for the gains of the entire country? How stupid are you?? Look at the state of the union, right now, and all the prosperity we ALL are experiencing. I see that what benefits Donald Trump, benefits the whole country. The “impeachment” seriousness of the Democrats, is just a show tactic. Four more years of Trump will truly make greatness a fine word to use when describing the feelings a…

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