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    What people prefer-freedom or freebies?
    FireStorm · a minute ago

    Let’s face it…People often find freedom to be a burden, they prefer to be taken care of.
    Just watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC3Y7SowqwA
    All of this over discounted Nutella? In France! And imagine if it was free?

    Zelensky: We are tired of hearing about Burisma
    FireStorm · an hour ago

    “Tired of hearing about Burisma. We have our country, we have our independence…”
    Last time I checked…Burisma was owned by Mykola Zlochevsky, Ukrainian oligarch?

    Faithful like a...
    FireStorm · a day ago

    Lindsey…what do you think about people calling you Trump’s poodle?
    I’m bigger than that.

    Yovanovitch knew about Bidens and Burisma
    FireStorm · 2 days ago

    Taken out of context or not, the Biden’s
    must surely be investigated, just to
    quell the rumours.

    Prince Andrew blasted for his Epstein interview
    FireStorm · 2 days ago

    I do not know exactly what that man is accused of…having sex with a 17-year old? OK, that might be morally reprehensible , with him coming from the Royal Family and all that…but from what I recall…age of consent is 16 or 17.

    Prince Andrew: I let the side down over friendship with Epstein
    FireStorm · 3 days ago

    This …nothing royal has disgraced the
    Royal family, and still doesn’t admit to
    the proven events that have completely
    tarnished his reputation.
    The public will forever see him as a
    dirty old man!

    Witness intimidation or twitter trolling in the case of Yovanovitch?
    FireStorm · 4 days ago

    There is a huge difference between saying something like this live, during the impeachment hearing, and saying that in an interview. He has been all over her.

    Trump should be impeached for making Yovanovitch sad?!
    FireStorm · 4 days ago

    Funny how Breitbart and Fox Fake News distort everything.
    He will be impeached for abusing presidential powers.
    And no…he did not make Yovanovitch “sad”. He was intimidating her. You do not know the difference?

    The Democrat's hearing did not go as planned-at all
    FireStorm · 5 days ago

    That is largely thanks to Jim Jordan. He really confused them with his questioning.
    Schiff’s speech was the most boring in history. That man was once a prosecutor? I fell asleep.

    Graham: I want Schiff to testify in the Senate
    FireStorm · 5 days ago

    And so he should. He has been dishing out
    the deceitful dirt relentlessly for three
    years…get him in there.

    The Democrats are now in serious trouble
    FireStorm · 6 days ago

    Once the American people see how
    unbalanced this impeachment
    attempt is, in the flesh, the sympathy
    will be for Trump.
    American sense of fair play will shine through as this farce is exposed…for
    the sham that it is.

    Johnson accuses Corbyn of "political onanism"
    FireStorm · 6 days ago

    I can think of other more appropriate
    words for the unpatriotic Jeremy
    Corbyn, unprintable here.

    What Nikki Haley really reveals
    FireStorm · 7 days ago

    Who would Nikki run for then?

    Biden: There is zero rationale for Hunter to testify
    FireStorm · 7 days ago

    Of course. It is not the impeachment inquiry directed against Hunter, but Trump! So what would he have to testify about? Even if he was corrupt to the core, Trump still would not have the right withhold Ukraine aid in order to dig up dirt about his political opponent.