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    Why is Trump reversing Obama's approach to Israeli settlements?
    JacePearce · 7 hours ago

    Trump is a big buddy of Netanyahu,
    enough said!

    What people prefer-freedom or freebies?
    JacePearce · 9 hours ago

    How many times have election promises been overlooked?
    Everything sounds attractive, hook the
    voter, renege on promise. Normal
    political deceit.

    The welfare magnet for immigrants
    JacePearce · 10 hours ago

    Interesting piece, especially the Denmark
    Welfare is the prime magnet for many
    migrants, in attaining a better life.
    In the U.K, up to 80 percent of
    migrants, with multiple family
    are benefiting from, and putting
    a huge strain on the welfare
    system. Free healthcare and housing
    also boosts the costs.
    Boris Johnson is pushing for a policy,
    whereas, migrants will only be eligible
    for ‘benefits’ after 5 years, which would
    be a more sensible option.

    Democrats' make or break week: Will their new impeachment hearings change something?
    JacePearce · 11 hours ago

    This whole witness circus is like layers of
    an onion, slowly unwrapping the truth,
    and then finding it’s rotten in the centre.
    So much supposed ‘hearsay’, 360 degree
    memory changes, recent recollections!
    I don’t see anything remotely
    impeachable about all of this saga.
    What I do see is Schiff desperately
    trying to twist the knife, any way
    possible, schooling the whistle blower(s),
    but losing the argument.
    Incidentally, George Soros was a trade
    advisor to Obama in respect to Ukraine,
    and owned a company funding Burisma.
    The mind boggles?

    A White House official sues Politico
    JacePearce · 21 hours ago

    It will only lead to the media being intimidated and thus, afraid of telling the truth.

    Bloomberg apologizes for the stop-and-frisk policy: But will it help him?
    JacePearce · a day ago

    Bloomberg has ‘money to throw away’,
    and that is what he will do, as his chances
    are zero.

    Prince Andrew: BBC interview was a "great success"
    JacePearce · a day ago

    No Andrew, your interview was an
    absolute stinker!
    Your friendship with serial sex trafficker/
    paedofile…Epstein, and your subsequent
    dalliances with underage girls…perverse,
    and the catalogue of lies… shameful.
    Add to that the pizza alibi, which, if
    unproven could mean your Daughter
    having to perjure herself in court.
    This interview will have convinced
    many, of your uncaring nature, and
    your criminal misuse of privilege, in
    using the tax payers money to
    fund your sordid behaviour.

    Bloomberg apologizes for the stop-and-frisk policy: But will it help him?
    JacePearce · a day ago

    Bloomberg’s ‘stop and frisk’ policy
    seems to have lowered crime rates
    up to this day.
    He should be applauded for putting
    together a policy that tackled crime
    effectively, but as he is a contender
    (albeit, a no hoper), he has changed
    his stance to improve his chances.

    Hong Kong: China clears roadblocks at university
    JacePearce · 2 days ago

    So that is how it ends…Hong Kong has no oil after all. In one year, this will be just like Yellow Vests. OK, horizontal protests have their advantages, escaping police scrutiny etc…but I firmly believe that for a protest to be successful, it must have some sort of hierarchy and structure.

    David Holmes: Trump personally kept pressure on Ukraine
    JacePearce · 2 days ago

    It has hardly been a ‘devastating week’
    for Trump, however, things are moving
    in the right direction.

    Corbyn and Trump: A Comparison
    JacePearce · 3 days ago

    The comparison is difficult to imagine?
    What they do have in common is the
    utter hatred they suffer by parts
    of their electorate.
    Trump derangement syndrome is rife,
    in the U.S, in the Schiff team, media,
    and with the ‘Russia collusion’ fodder
    who vote democrat.
    Corbyn, a Marxist, is more of a dangerous
    joke to the majority of the U.K electorate.
    And he will never lead the country due
    to his radical past.

    Why are we still clinging to the Russian conspiracy?
    JacePearce · 3 days ago

    The Democrats, and that includes the
    voters, love to cling on to this ‘Russia
    is in my backyard’ hysteria.
    It’s all part of the 'Trump derangement

    The most important?
    JacePearce · 4 days ago

    Hmmmm…I do not know how to put it, but it is called a metaphor, you know.