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Sanaa Jackson
I'm 16 years old. I am a future revolutionary trying to make better change in our communities. I own several businesses. I write poetry ,music, stories I attend hutchings to get a better experience on becoming a producer and a movie director.

    I present still plundering Entertainment Recordings tapes to you. Here’s my first recordings for my future radio production program. This is my idea to spread postive to discuss topics and give resolutions and resources to problems. Give the community a voice a join the old and young generation as one.

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    Today/Tomorrow when does the dream start.
    Tomorrow has so many opportunities but, why not start today.
    Today has a hold on our generation locking us up throwing away the key.
    I put a stop to today’s troubles to wake up and let you got Tomorrow.
    Today/Tomorrow shall the truth rain before or shall we still live a lie…

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    My clouding thoughts pointing me into different directions.
    My head spinning like a planet in the galaxy.
    My feelings continuously telling me to do this and that or I’m gonna lose out.
    The panicking and short of breath comes in.
    My hands are sweating while my bones feel weak.
    While little voices saying "Take deep breaths Sanaa do what you feel…

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    There are over 46% left hungry out in the world while so many of people out in the world has billions of dollars and tends not give back to the poor. One day when I run for president I’m make sure that I give the poor before I fill a rich man’s pocket. I want to start my own organization to build homes, cloth ,feed the poor. The first place I’m start is overseas to fix those damage places up. The dream all starts with us when we put others needs before ours.

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