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    Trump asks Republicans to defend him from "total scum"
    SilentEyes · 4 minutes ago

    Just face the music Trump, and stop

    Trump rips Democrats
    SilentEyes · 13 minutes ago

    I have said it all along, if Schiff and co
    have firm evidence against D.T, then
    get it out there in the open.
    Let’s have the witnesses from both
    sides, plus the ‘under threat’ whistle
    blower, and get this done.
    A bi-partizan hearing is the only one
    the people will respect.

    Will Bloomberg's bid be successful?
    SilentEyes · 18 hours ago

    It all depends on how much money he is ready to splash.

    Reagan too was called a fascist
    SilentEyes · 18 hours ago

    He was not explicitly called a fascist…but they said that his second term could unleash forces of fascism in our midst. On top of that, scholars at that time were all hippies, and had some weird ideas about world peace.

    The Brexit party decides to step aside
    SilentEyes · a day ago

    This will be a massive blow for the likes
    of Corbyn and Swinson, whose arrogance
    and labelling of the Brexiteers has been
    nothing less than scandalous!
    They labelled Brexiteers, ‘stupid’, ‘hard
    right’ and have insulted the leave voters
    repeatedly as ‘little Englanders’.
    The tactical voting, which has been
    made possible by Nigel Farage, should
    make sure that Democracy will be
    implemented… at last.

    Violent clashes in Hong Kong
    SilentEyes · 2 days ago

    A very worrying escalation to this
    long standing dispute.
    Why didn’t the policeman use a taser?
    It doesn’t look like it will improve any day

    Protester shot in Hong Kong
    SilentEyes · 2 days ago

    Hong Kong’s situation is escalating
    out of control, so sad that these innocent
    people are being caught in the crossfire.

    Top Labour politician in the UK sang antisemitic songs?
    SilentEyes · 3 days ago

    Whether this story is fact or fiction, the
    truth is, the Labour Party has multiple
    problems within its ranks regarding
    anti-Semitism, in fact, Jewish M.P’s
    have resigned because of the blatant
    racism in house.

    Can someone explain this?
    SilentEyes · 4 days ago

    The answer to that question is an easy one…They wanted to drag Trump through some dirt and they are being successful in that.

    Do not do this to your TV!
    SilentEyes · 5 days ago

    Not to be watched in cinema???

    Whistleblower's attorneys fear for their client's safety
    SilentEyes · 6 days ago

    If he knows Biden, let Joe look after
    protecting him…after revealing his identity.

    Trump getting ready for war on Mexican drug cartels
    SilentEyes · 8 days ago

    If the Mexican President asks for Trump’s assistance, why not go after these animals
    The misery and loss of life connected to the drug trade is undeniable, but it won’t be easy. These cartels are well organised,
    with scores of corrupt officials in tow.

    What went wrong for Kamala Harris?
    SilentEyes · 8 days ago

    It is ridiculous that Harris is playing the
    race card to answer for her plummeting
    popularity from 15 to 3 percent in the
    polls. Plain arrogance is this woman’s
    biggest problem, and the electorate
    have sussed her out.

    Why are the Tories projected to win the UK election?
    SilentEyes · 9 days ago

    One of the main reasons is the lack
    of unity within the Labour Party.
    Labour have been rocked by anti-Semitism
    within their ranks and believe it or not,
    Corbyn has always wished to leave the
    There is a militant left, a Blairite centre,
    and a large percentage of staunch
    Labour voters, voted to leave…
    especially in the North of England.
    All this will play into Johnson’s hands.

    Trump's hope is in the white working class
    SilentEyes · 11 days ago

    Trump’s mojo is still rising despite the
    impeachment sham.