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    Do we really have climate scientists? Is Jane Fonda a climate scientist?
    SleepyJoe · 4 hours ago

    Suddenly, all and sundry have become
    climate scientists ???
    Someone will be making a few bucks
    out of this.

    Pelosi still hopes that Senate will move on impeachment
    SleepyJoe · 8 hours ago

    The Senate won’t dump Trump, and
    Pelosi and Schiff will continue to embarrass themselves until their scam is fully exposed and Trump is cleared.

    Violent clashes in Hong Kong
    SleepyJoe · 2 days ago

    Because that is the way China deals with those who dare to dissent.

    MAGA challenge compilation
    SleepyJoe · 3 days ago

    This is how Trump is trying to win Black Votes?

    Burisma lobbied Obama admin to drop investigation
    SleepyJoe · 3 days ago

    The Biden’s must surely be called upon
    to answer questions, after this evidence
    has come to light.

    Hunter Biden might be called as impeachment witness?
    SleepyJoe · 4 days ago

    Perhaps you do not…but the majority of us do. What does it tell us about our political scene if incompetent sons of our officials can do whatever they want?

    Trump will release a second transcript
    SleepyJoe · 4 days ago

    You should really think before saying something like that. There is the reason why these calls are kept secret, and it has nothing to do with Trump, but the very concept of being a president.

    Your brain on Fox News
    SleepyJoe · 5 days ago

    CNN at least tries to maintain the semblance of objectivity with their experts and not clowns who can only be laughed at.

    Don Jr on "The View"
    SleepyJoe · 5 days ago

    The magnitude of this case is the exact reason they are taking all these measures to protect him.

    Harry Dunn's parents say money won't bring son back amid claims Trump offered cheque to greiving
    SleepyJoe · 5 days ago

    This has gone on far too long.
    Sacoolas should be sent back to the
    U.K to face the music.

    France's Macron says NATO suffering 'brain death', questions U.S. commitment
    SleepyJoe · 6 days ago

    The reason why NATO might be suffering “brain death” is certainly not because of the US, but because of EU countries, France and Germany in the first place, putting their narrow interests ahead of collective security.

    Mexico's police cannot fight drug cartels
    SleepyJoe · 7 days ago

    Obrador’s ‘hugs not bullets’ policy
    doesn’t seem to be working out too
    The cartels are so embedded into
    Mexican society, politics, police, that
    something very radical needs to happen.
    Trump offered his assistance, offering
    to send some military over if requested.
    If ‘hugs’ are proving useless in getting
    any kind of order, maybe it’s time to
    use the necessary intelligence to
    go and hit these animals with a cross
    border force…guns blazing.

    Did Russia meddle in the Brexit vote?
    SleepyJoe · 8 days ago

    Another similarity between us and the Brits…blame the Russians!

    Jim Jordan: Dems cherry pick impeachment probe transcripts
    SleepyJoe · 9 days ago

    Maybe because he is a partisan, unlike those career diplomats?

    Trump: Whistleblowers' written answers are not acceptable
    SleepyJoe · 9 days ago

    In this case…with all that intimidation, written answers would cut it.