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    This link just came across my screen scroll and it gave me pause.


    One can’t even spot-check the news while driving through heavy traffic lately without seeing some vaguely relevant left side politician calling for something or other. And let’s be clear right up front: I am usually supportive to the point of road rage for the things being called for. However, like a lot of centrist assholes with half a century behind me, I…

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    Buckle your chinstraps America - the whiskey has been officially out of the barrel for less than 90 seconds and the 2020 election already looks like Donald Trump’s to lose.

    The D. Team just can’t put a drop of ink in the "W’"column this season. Sad but true.

    In the era of computerized election interference the Democrats seem to have outsourced the part of the iconic Iowa Caucus where votes get counted. One wonders if their dysfunctional app was contracted out to a Ukrainian company or was it just Facebook…

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