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    Willie Brown: Kamala Harris should say no to vice presidency
    truth_hurts · a minute ago

    The same Willie Brown she slept with for a job when he was in his 60’s and she was in her 20’s?

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    A lost summer: How Trump fell short in confronting the virus
    truth_hurts · a day ago

    The Democrats are quick to criticize but not one ever says what they would have done differently. They must have forgotten how they all took their eye off the ball while desperately trying to impeach Trump into February. They also criticized Trump for closing travel to and from China and Europe.

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    The Polling Is Imperfect, but It’s Bad News for Trump
    truth_hurts · 2 days ago

    Hillary was up by 12 in 2016. Joe Biden will be done after the first debate when America see’s his mental decline in plain view. I blame Biden’s wife for letting the spectacle continue. Most people feel sorry for him. Those on the right find it unbelievable the left would even consider offering a man in such decline to hold the most powerful office in the world. It will all come out soon enough but they really should let him bow out with dignity before he gets publicly embarrassed and ridiculed.

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    New York seeks to break up National Rifle Association, alleging financial mismanagement
    truth_hurts · 4 days ago

    The most corrupt state government in the nation always inserting itself into the spotlight when they should just stay hidden in the shadows. Some of the highest taxes, biggest deficit, greatest number of taxpayers fleeing and most Covid 19 deaths in the nation. Shut up already New York. Your state government is an embarrassment to this nation. Btw, you must be forgetting how many Democrats are hunters and hold pistol permits. You endorse defunding the police and taking away people’s rights to defend themselves? Not a good winning stance.

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    NYC to set up quarantine checkpoints at city borders
    truth_hurts · 5 days ago

    Maybe just build a wall around NYC and spare us all Bill. Let’s make “Escape from New York” a reality.

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    Police bodycam footage shows arrest of George Floyd for the first time
    truth_hurts · 6 days ago

    Not sure the verdict will go as people expect after this. His speech and complaints didn’t change whether standing, sitting or on the ground. OD level fentanyl in his system with a heart condition and Covid -19 may be what contributed to his breathing complaints. The knee on his neck looked horrible but ultimately may only have been a bad visual and not the cause of anything. The trial will be interesting.

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    Politico accidentally reports Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate
    truth_hurts · 12 days ago

    Kamala Harris launched her career in her 20’s by sleeping with 60 year old Willie Brown and having a relationship with him. She dumped him once she became established. All she needs to do is sleep with sleepy Joe if she wants the VP job bad enough. She basically reached her current position after starting off as a prostitute.

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    More than 100 police agencies back out of DNC security agreements
    truth_hurts · 13 days ago

    The Democrats are such an embarrassment. They can’t even condemn the violence.

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    Philly DA warns federal officers could be arrested If they storm PA. Philly DA doesn't understand there are no officers willing to make those arrests.
    truth_hurts · 16 days ago

    Not sure you read the article. Btw, I’ve done more for the inner city community in one day of my life than 95% of the protesters combined.

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    Washington Post settles Nicholas Sandmann defamation lawsuit in Covington Catholic High School controversy
    truth_hurts · 17 days ago

    The newest 18 year old multimillionaire and still winning more. The liberal media paying dearly for picking on a juvenile wearing a MAGA hat. Hysterical.

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    Antibody tests show coronavirus rates 10x higher, CDC study finds
    truth_hurts · 20 days ago

    And with that, the mortality rate just dropped 10X .

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