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    The Brexit party decides to step aside
    Youngguari · 19 hours ago

    Farage probably got some assurances of getting a position in the government if Boris wins.

    DACA is doomed regardless of the Supreme Court decision
    Youngguari · a day ago

    Obama should have read the small print.

    Trump will be judging MAGA rap competition
    Youngguari · a day ago

    The usual bunch of dross from Kimmel.

    Dems have forgotten all about Obama's involvement with Ukraine
    Youngguari · 2 days ago

    So, the Democrat affiliated media agree on
    a shared, false rhetoric to attempt
    further damage on our President,
    without mentioning that Obama
    acted much the same, (but actually worse)
    within his tenure as President.
    No surprise here, but it is becoming
    very tiresome!

    Burisma lobbied Obama admin to drop investigation
    Youngguari · 3 days ago

    Let’s get this out in the open and let the
    American people know the truth.

    Trump will not relaunch Apprentice after presidency
    Youngguari · 3 days ago

    This sounds like absolute nonsense,
    I’m sure it is the usual Trump baiting.
    No surprise there.

    Remainer fake news rampant in the UK
    Youngguari · 4 days ago

    Corbyn’s nickname is ‘the chlorinated
    chicken’ on several media outlets.
    His fake news regarding ‘bad quality’
    U.S foods and that the ‘Americans have
    made a deal with Johnson to purchase the National Health Service’, are two prime

    Remainer fake news rampant in the UK
    Youngguari · 4 days ago

    There is no semblance of honesty in
    U.K politics… just look at the referendum,
    where 17.4 million voters won the right to
    leave the E.U.
    So many remainer politicians will say
    anything to keep their ‘sweeteners’ from
    Fake news in this respect is prevalent,
    as the greed and ambitions of these
    people, know no bounds.
    The House of Lords is even worse!!

    Trump may return to the Apprentice
    Youngguari · 5 days ago

    Senate to Trump: You’re fired.

    Don Jr on "The View"
    Youngguari · 5 days ago

    He is spot on about this whole whistleblower’s name fuss…All he did was retweet Drudge report article. While I understand the reasoning behind not revealing the whistleblower’s name…I think we should make an exception in this case, given its magnitude.

    Harry Dunn's parents say money won't bring son back amid claims Trump offered cheque to greiving
    Youngguari · 5 days ago

    Why was Sacoolas allowed to flee the U.K
    under diplomatic immunity and then be
    found that she didn’t have immunity at
    I feel so sorry for the Dunn family here,
    they have acted with dignity throughout
    this terrible time, and deserve better.

    2020 turnout could smash voting records
    Youngguari · 6 days ago

    It is all because Trump has such a polarizing effect on people…This impeachment inquiry may even turn out to be helpful, because it will help him to mobilize his voters.

    The fake news about US food standards spread in the UK
    Youngguari · 6 days ago

    Political scare tactics by the liberals/left.

    Kansas city votes to remove Martin Luther King's name from the boulevard
    Youngguari · 7 days ago

    They will call it a racism…while it is really only about people wanting to keep the old name-Paseo. Martin Luther King can get another street in the city.

    ABC’s Excuse for Failing to Report on Jeffrey Epstein Makes Absolutely No Sense
    Youngguari · 8 days ago

    We were afraid we would not be able to interview Will and Kate because of Andrew…and that quashed the story?!

    Is this even real?