All Democratic candidates are unappealing



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Fubiz · a month ago

I found Tulsi very appealing.

Sarahknowsbest · a month ago

Not a candidate.

Fubiz · a month ago

I said I FOUND her very appealing!

Absinthe_Mind · a month ago

There are no standout candidates at all, unless a Venezuelan style U.S is to your taste.

ashandkev · a month ago

Joe Biden’s disastrous campaign has given space for others like Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Bloomberg to fight for the centrist position and they must make an impression on Sanders significant lead. I agree with the writer, Buttigieg started off confidently with i’s dotted and t’s crossed but has become a sanitised smart arse using the same old buzz words like an insurance salesman. Klobuchar, who at least attempted to scold Mayor Pete, just won’t get the backing, Bloomberg is like a Dem Trump…and the recent admissions about his rampant misogyny and disgusting treatment of workers/denigration of old Americans not deserving healthcare, and his demeanour, lack of personality in Vegas makes him look unelectable. It was always going to be between Sanders and Warren for the far left position and Bernie seems to have won that contest by a country mile. The 97 trillion Sanders proposes to spend on Medicare for all, and his reversing of student loans, is popular with his young voters (obviously), but his Socialist agenda frightens the pants off of most moderates. Maybe Hillary will come back to have another stab at the Presidency (?), the current line-up offers no candidate who will galvanize Dem voters and this leaves Trump in an enviable position to pick them off, whoever stands in front if him.