Biden leads Trump in three new polls





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@Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops · #2020 · 10 months ago
Ive_got_a_sword · 10 months ago

Joe was interviewed at home in Delaware after these encouraging results came to light. INTERVIEWER; ‘well Mr Vice President, what do you think about this news’… BIDEN; ‘Well m-m-m-m…y current pool is in need of an upgrade, I would like to thank everybody for replacing it with three’… God Bless America?

gobuddy · 10 months ago

Beacon press was responsible for the fox poll, along with their Obama people in house. Otherwise it’s close, but Trump will get the ticket come November.

LukeBizzare · 10 months ago

Although Trumps poll figures are decent, it seems amazing that Biden is ahead, despite the pandemic and all the Trump bashing from the left. Biden has been incredibly fortunate from the outset, his campaign lacked energy, he was unintelligible at times, he banked on Obama name drops to boost his appeal…and he failed, Nevada providing a distant second wasn’t nearly enough and then Jim Clyburn endorsed him…game changer, South Carolina and the rest, is history as Sanders was duped once again. Trump in the meantime was getting good employment figures and the economy was solid despite the impeachment ‘distraction.’ Bidens weakness is that he is completely unpredictable and prone to multiple ‘mishaps’ and in debate, or in public, resorts to flaring up when he is asked a question he doesn’t like. Bidens people wanted to avoid any kind of speeches or debate for Biden…knowing that the man is a liability…and then comes COVID-19. Trumps economy takes a battering and Biden gets isolated…a huge sigh of relief for the dems.

truth_hurts · 10 months ago

Biden has become irrelevant a this point but he’ll need to come out of his bunker eventually. He should be way off his game when he does emerge and the gaffe machine will start up again. I believe Trump will win in a landslide after we get through this virus. Especially if we se the market bounce back as is being predicted. Trumps name is a hot potato. I don’t believe many of his voters respond to election polls honestly. That’s why Hillary’s fireworks barge was set up in 2016 and then sunk.

FireStorm · 10 months ago

Who has predicted that the market will bounce back? Source?
I predict a very bad recession.