Not too late to vote for a woman?





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@Absinthe_Mind Absinthe_Mind · #2020 · 8 months ago
LukeBizzare · 8 months ago

Whatever way you dress this up, Elizabeth Warren will be ‘dead and buried,’ out of the running in the next couple of days. She had her chance and Bernie won the battle of the progressives, hands down. She has proved good in debate but her policies (which she often double backs on) are even less clear than Sanders. I think we will be left with Biden and Bernie to fight it out.

SilentEyes · 8 months ago

We do not want to vote for a woman or man. What is so inherently better about women?! We want to vote for someone who can fix problems this country has.

FireStorm · 8 months ago

Unless the unlikely event of Michelle Obama joining the fray is to occur, It is indeed too late to vote for a woman, Liz is done.