Ocasio-Cortez backed away from Sanders campaign



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SilentEyes · 16 days ago

This anti American firebrand is only out for herself.

SleepyJoe · 16 days ago

Sanders was correct not to push Joe Rogan away, simply because he did the right thing of being against puberty blockers for children. I mean…not even Nazis were doing that.

ashandkev · 16 days ago

Puberty blockers for gender confused children! Surely this is treading on very dangerous ground, biologically changing kids should be a very last resort, and only after every other alternative has been considered. AOC is a maverick, loose cannon, and has Schiff like eyes (which is a problem for me). She has some insane ‘policies’ like protecting the illegal migrants in Sanctuary city and opposing ICE involvement. This woman is no more than a renegade troublemaker.