Sanders believes he can still beat Biden





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@stablegenius305 stablegenius305 · #2020 · 7 months ago
truth_hurts · 7 months ago

Sanders also believes in Socialism so don’t get too excited.

IraqiVet49 · 7 months ago

It is a complete blessing for Dems that Biden is ‘unavailable’ to debate Bernie, who would go for the jugular given a second chance. Biden is much more useful with his mouth shut, that’s all he’s gotta do. Sanders has blown his chances, the Castro/Cuba comments were misguided and undecided voters jumped ship. So we are left with ‘unaware in Delaware.’

Fubiz · 7 months ago

Another one who is using this situation. They have turned this into a political campaign.

Fubiz · 7 months ago

Bernie must have been smoking those funny cigarettes, he’s done.