Sanders in command ahead of Super Tuesday





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@stablegenius305 stablegenius305 · #2020 · 8 months ago
gobuddy · 8 months ago

It will turn out being just another failed venture for this arm waving maniac. Trump will kick him into touch if the DNC fail to ‘replace’ him.

truth_hurts · 8 months ago

Perfect! Democrats excited about a guy who would turn 80 in his first year as President, is a commie loving Socialist with a 60 trillion dollar plan for America (hysterical), just had a heart attack and is not even a Democrat. You really can’t even make this stuff up. Time to make the popcorn, sit back and watch the show. We all know how this movie ends though.

JacePearce · 8 months ago

Looks like you have never heard of democratic socialism:

Does not matter what his age is…he could live 10 more. Even if he does not, what matters is that his ideas take hold.

truth_hurts · 8 months ago

Good luck with it. Your own party plans on tanking him. The infighting will be fun for the rest of us to watch.