Trump has already secured a 2nd term





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IraqiVet49 · 9 months ago

The Donald is unstoppable!

patkgreen · 9 months ago

I haven’t seen evidence that any Democrat can upset Trump’s progression, he is on a roll and he will win a second term in office…I have no doubts at all about that.

Ive_got_a_sword · 9 months ago

Trump has been subjected to so much venom over the last few years, but his ratings have actually increased as the people are more fed up with the constant outcry against a President who is providing good results. Democrats are in a quandary, Bloomberg has baggage that compares unfavourably to Trump, stop and frisk, many cases of misogyny/sexism, and the latest revelations about non treatment of the aged for healthcare. Sanders, loved by his own people, is not thought to be electable by many Dems, and Biden is dead in the water. Trump is in a fantastic position to ‘clear up’ come the end of the year.