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@OWUnited OWUnited · #2020 · 3 months ago
Wealthy Humans.Poor Machine's

Article:03 (Wealthy Humans.Poor Machine’s)
Written by Silver GS

Technology has advanced over the years that have left us wondering whats next? But one thing for certain is the machine in the workplace has become more advanced that even the fear of people losing their jobs to A.I has now settled in place.

Today everything we do is one click away and while we focus our thumbs on the screen of our phones, A.I development is becoming more efficient in solving problems at an extordinary rate. The capabilitie’s of A.I have begun to excel human capacity, leaving people to lose thier position’s over machine’s.
Marketwatch released an article “30 million U.S workers will lose their jobs because of A.I” that explain’s the effect of job loss toward’s younger worker’s in today’s society.

The future looks dark for many but maybe not as bad as some may think. Today the average American works the minimum of $12 dollars an hour usually 40 to 45 hours a week. While rent is increasingly rising among Gas and food price’s the average American is undoubtedly afriad of Machine’s coming along, only to take our job’s away. But what if Machine’s taking our jobs away could be an amazing transition.

How many of us wish we could live the lavish lifestyle that we could only dream of? The fact is maybe one day we all can. The wealthy of today live like king’s while the rest of the American population work day in and day out for just enough money to pay the bills. But what many of us do not realize is that if every job in America was replaced by Artificial Intelligence then every one could have the lavish lifestyle they’ve alway’s wanted.

Martin Ford who released a Tedtalk in 2017 “How we will make money in a future without jobs” explained that the future would have to adopt a universal basic income that people would receive after graduation so that we do not drop out and lack the basic education the average individual requires. This would help people to backup their dreams in starting a business or writing a book in order to live the lifestyle they choose. obviously the value of products would significantly lower and become affordable especially now that employers do not need to pay for Healthcare, insurance, benefits, lawsuits, employee’s etc.

People would also have more time to spend with their family, go on a vacation or more time to work on their hobbies which would bring more happiness and freedom to the average person. Humanity would now become the wealthy of the world while machine’s would adopt our blood, sweat and tears into oil, software and gears.

LukeBizzare · 3 months ago

I really have troubles understanding how AI could replace all human jobs, and especially not how that would be good for humans. You are too much into technology and your understanding of it is naive and utopian.