Afghanistan was a war without reason





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LukeBizzare · 7 months ago

A pointless, unforgivable conflict that has caused the deaths of far too many brave soldiers, and the destruction of many innocent civilians and for what?

Youngguari · 7 months ago

To destroy Al Qaeda which is exactly what we have done.

JacePearce · 7 months ago

What about Trump’s promise to “fight and win” in Afghanistan?

CyberWorrier · 7 months ago

The Republicans always get us into the wars that we cannot win, and then just withdraw when the jig is up.

gobuddy · 7 months ago

“As then vice president Joe Biden put it in 2011, ‘the Taliban, per se, is not our enemy’. He said this as American forces were engaged in life-or-death gunfights with the Taliban”.

FireStorm · 7 months ago

Trumps detractors should at least give the man credit for trying to clear up the mess instigated by past Presidential regimes… like Obamas. The Afghanistan problem is best left for the Afghanistans to sort out, the Russians got a bloody nose and withdrew, it is an unwinnable problem.