Can all Islamists be saved?





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LukeBizzare · 4 months ago

Stiffer sentencing and prison segregation is the only course of action remaining. This Liberal minded deradicalisation scheme has failed miserably and it is time for a radical rethink to protect people from this murderous cult.

FireStorm · 4 months ago

This is the third attack of this kind in London in as many months, and surely there should be an emergency meeting of the European countries suffering this Islamic aggression in order to find a solution?

Lisabprice · 4 months ago

There is a solution. Get the OUT. Send them back where they came from.

Youngguari · 4 months ago

The only way Europeans can fight Islamist aggression is by returning to religion.

Absinthe_Mind · 4 months ago

Islamic jihadists cannot have their warped ideologies changed by a few sessions in a deradicalisation group. It is commended in the Qur’an for a jihadist to lie to the infidel in order to carry on with their warped aggression. The London Bridge terrorist, Usman Khan, was on a deradicalisation course in London as he was deemed not to be a risk, and promptly stabbed three people to death. I agree that these derad…courses must be scrapped, longer sentences should be given, and served in full. Every cleric in every Mosque should be put under increased scrutiny as the Mosques and prisons are breeding grounds for spreading jihadist hate and propaganda. The prison system should be assessed and maybe a Guantanamo alternative or indeed deportation should be a serious option. The British Government have a duty first and foremost to protect there people, and as the Pakistani grooming gangs rape of British kids over the decades in major British cities, and the continued abuse and murder of innocent people show, they are not doing that.