Corbyn and Trump: A Comparison





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Absinthe_Mind · 7 months ago

Comparison? Corbyn is a politician. Trump is a politician.

ashandkev · 7 months ago

This article is completely wrong. The author is comparing apples and oranges. To begin with, it cannot be said that Corbyn is protecting the people against the elite. You just cannot draw that conclusion, only because Boris is a Conservative. Things are different in the UK. The line of divide is Brexit. The elite voted to remain, whereas their own “basket of deplorables” wanted to leave the EU. How can you say that Corbyn is anti-elite then?

JacePearce · 7 months ago

The comparison is difficult to imagine?
What they do have in common is the
utter hatred they suffer by parts
of their electorate.
Trump derangement syndrome is rife,
in the U.S, in the Schiff team, media,
and with the ‘Russia collusion’ fodder
who vote democrat.
Corbyn, a Marxist, is more of a dangerous
joke to the majority of the U.K electorate.
And he will never lead the country due
to his radical past.