Death of freedom of speech





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Absinthe_Mind · 8 months ago

This new ‘woke,’ 'let’s be offended about anything and everything ‘culture’ is destroying free speech and the legal powers to debate certain issues. It is like the thought police are now part of law enforcement. The left are the worst example of the suppresionists out there, “we are correct, we cannot be questioned, and you are a fascist if you disagree with me.” The Universities are full of these middle class Greta Thunberg wannabes who don’t even realize that George Soros is often behind the scenes as a puppet master, moulding them into global assets… while he hauls in the dollars. Nowadays these leftie youngsters blame the elderly as the instigators of lack of change, and there is a general lack of empathy in this ‘new generation.’ We cannot give our view on immigration, racism, support an alternative political model or question these fools without being labelled as a bigot.

FireStorm · 8 months ago

Exactly that, the arrogance of the left knows no bounds.