Greta Thunberg- Infantile world making kids its leaders





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FireStorm · 4 months ago

Greta is quite scary, she looks like she
comes from an alternate reality like
a ‘war of the worlds’ figure.
Maybe that’s what it takes to stir up
the hornets nest and scare our kids
into submission.
I grew up with Lassie and Thunderbirds
as role models, now the kids are screamed
at by a 16 year old with health problems.
How long until the Greta screaming doll?

JacePearce · 4 months ago

Thunberg is a puppet for the elite,
funded by Soros, and should be at
school preparing for university.
She is being used as a political,
money spinning tool to procure
funds for left wing ‘climate change’
groups and to fill the pockets of
greedy businessmen.
From what I have read on climate
change, I am not convinced that the
‘end of the world is nigh’ like these
activists, and selected scientists would
have us believe.
I find it ridiculous how actors, musicians
and other liberals, get in their fuel
guzzling super jets to attend these
climate conferences, and although
climate change should certainly be
researched and supported, let’s
allow children to be children and
let the adults deal with this.
The older generation is getting so
much flak these days regarding
If you are a white, middle aged/old
male, then you are responsible for
‘slavery’, ‘climate change’, and living
too long…or so they tell us!?

Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops · 4 months ago

According to you, Soros is Jack-in-the-box…popping out of everywhere.
Conspiracy theories.
Kids are idealistic, that is all.