Is Chaffetz correct when he says that whistleblower need not be anonymous?

Jason Chaffetz has said that Republicans are entitled to push for the whistleblower’s public testimony during the impeachment inquiry :" There’s nothing in the rules that says you have to be anonymous. If you were a victim, we would go to great lengths to make sure that that person was protected and didn’t necessarily have to appear in public.”

He was not correct. Under the Inspector General Act of 1978: “The Inspector General shall not, after receipt of a complaint or information from an employee,
disclose the identity of the employee without the consent of the employee, unless the Inspector
General determines such disclosure is unavoidable during the course of the investigation”

3 months ago
Youngguari · 3 months ago

Chaffetz is morally correct. Schiff and co.
want Trump to be questioned without
any support and are denying him a
bi-partizan proceedings. They can’t have
it both ways.