Joe Biden is not a socialist, but he is a scoundrel



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gobuddy · 25 days ago

It is news to me that Biden lied even about his wife’s and daughter’s cause of death. Pathetic and shocking. The man cannot open his mouth without lying. And he is running for President?

Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops · 25 days ago

What amazes me even more is that Trump lied about his relationship with Stormy Daniels.

SleepyJoe · 25 days ago

The worst part of it all…it seems that the majority of Americans would prefer a scoundrel over a “socialist”.

FireStorm · 25 days ago

Biden is a walking disaster, he doesnt know where he is half of the time, he makes up ridiculous stories… the Mandela one being wincingly embarrassing and his alleged criminal background has now simply been overlooked…for now.

Absinthe_Mind · 25 days ago

It must be a huge worry for Dems that Biden is the chosen one. Sanders will not be allowed by the establishment to sow his Socialist seeds and bust the country, so that leaves Biden to steady the ship… and God help us. The Establishment are fully aware of Bidens many shortcomings (and there are multiple negatives here), his customary gaffes, his alleged criminal participation re; Burismo, with Hunter on a nice little earner, his full backing of the Iraq conflict and his seemingly worsening problems with his memory which puts a huge question mark on his mental stability. Biden is a crook and a serial fabricator of the truth, it comes naturally to Joe. I still think that the other alleged ‘super criminal’ Hillary, will be pushed back into the fray to support the mentally challenged Biden, what else have they got left?