Living with Anxiety





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@Sanaa Sanaa · #AskAnExpert · 5 months ago
Living with Anxiety

My clouding thoughts pointing me into different directions.
My head spinning like a planet in the galaxy.
My feelings continuously telling me to do this and that or I’m gonna lose out.
The panicking and short of breath comes in.
My hands are sweating while my bones feel weak.
While little voices saying "Take deep breaths Sanaa do what you feel.
Living with Anxiety
Is not all bad
Think about the little good times we had.
You pushed me even though sometimes you put pressure to me.
You put in clock times for the weekends.
I eventually over came it by psalms 46,23,91.
That’s all I ever needed.
Don’t ever let worry make you claim something so serious that eventually becomes nothing.

FireStorm · 5 months ago

Nice reflective poem. Wish you the best.

Sanaa · 5 months ago

Thank you I’m finna cry.