Our liberty must not be a casualty



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truth_hurts · 19 days ago

Maintaining safety and liberty has always been a balancing act.

Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops · 19 days ago

The biggest problem is that, if you declare a nation-wide lockdown, who can guarantee that it will be lifted?

truth_hurts · 18 days ago

Seriously? It would be lifted as soon as possible. There is no local government who would actually want it or could sustain it.

SilentEyes · 19 days ago

The public must adhere to Government policy if they choose not to, lock them up until the virus is under control so they are not out on the loose infecting everyone else.

JacePearce · 19 days ago

This anti-liberal website is all of a sudden concerned about our liberty…hmmm.

gobuddy · 19 days ago

If tougher measures are required to confirm the importance of complying to this pandemic and to implement a deterrent to the sizeable but minority fools who ‘ain’t bothered,’ carry on guys.

Absinthe_Mind · 19 days ago

Our “liberty” to live is under threat from COVID-19. Although death rates are low in context to populations…some say comparable or lower than those who succumb to ‘common flu,’ the figures are rising sharply in Europe where Italy have nearly 4,000 casualties, Spain have seen large increases, and France are not far behind. A lot of people who should be using common sense are stupidly ignoring the self isolation rules around these Nations, meeting in large groups in parks, on the street, not giving a shit about any possible consequences. I would go further, if people who have been strongly made aware of the isolation policies, take no notice, give these idiots large fines and imprisonment until the virus is under control, as they couldn’t be trusted to play the game.