Sarahknowsbest · 2 months ago

The Republicans defiance, is all part of
their…‘ignore It, and it may go away’
strategy. Things just don’t work out like

GardenRose · 3 months ago

Can you blame the likes of Graham
being ‘defiant’?
Trump has had 3 years of democrat
overkill in their pursuit of…Russian
interference, remarks made on the
telephone, Schiff’s lies and deceit,
and are desperate for more b.s to feed
to the crooked media.
Why should Republicans address these,
at best, rumours.
The Dems won’t agree to any kind of
bi partizan hearing…the cover up isn’t
coming from Trump and the Republicans.

JacePearce · 3 months ago

It doesn’t come across as ‘suicidal’ at all?
Graham, realises, like many non Trump
haters, that the accusations against
the President are ridiculous.