Sanders is not a communist



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truth_hurts · 9 months ago

He’s just a socialist who loves communism. Amazing he’s a candidate for President in the United States of America. Thankfully, he has not a prayer.

SilentEyes · 9 months ago

“Communism envisions political change occurring through revolution, followed by the establishment of a one-party state, that party representing the sole political organ with a claim to political legitimacy”

Well, Bernie has been talking about a revolution all the time. The fact that he is still not talking about one-party system, does not mean that it would not follow as a logical outcome.

ashandkev · 9 months ago

Reordering American politics through a metaphorical revolution (non-violent), is not the same as doing it through an armed revolution.

Absinthe_Mind · 9 months ago

So this guy wrote the entire article about Bernie being called a communist by someone who calls Hillary Crooked, Schiff Schiffty and Bernie Crazy Communist.