There was no racism in "Mexit"





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patkgreen · 6 months ago

Meghan and Harry had their heads turned, like a star player being poached by unethical football agents. They have abandoned royal duties to embrace the “woke” set, whilst being sponsored by the British tax payer. This poor, misunderstood (privileged) couple have jetsetted around the world getting involved in climate change(!) and living off of their Royal name. I expect Meghan to appear on Oprah pretty soon and Harry to be involved with the Soros sponsored Greta Thunberg, his new “woke” buddies would applaud that. I blame Harry for allowing himself to be compromised into the fold of the Liberal left, abandoning his principles and following Meghan like a puppy dog leaving the British monarch in a mess. Colour doesn’t come into the equasion.

Ive_got_a_sword · 6 months ago

I was in London for a few months when the Harry and Meghan hysteria was at its highest point, and Meghan was adored by the Brits, they loved her. The media were pretty full on, but that was to be expected with this high profile engagement. Those who respect the Monarchy are certainly disappointed that this has ended badly and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Meghan’s skin tone. Their sudden “woke,” Liberal lifestyle has put many noses out of joint. When they tied the knot, they were aware that “duties” came with the job, and they have turned their backs on these duties and “ripped up the contract” To suggest that race is the issue here is pure folly, and Brexit is another liberal smokescreen.