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Throw Rudy under the bus?

We have been reading a lot about the main GOP impeachment survival strategy being “throw Rudy under the bus”. Republican Congressman Lamborn suggested that Giuliani was acting on his own mission. GOP counsel Castor said that Giuliani had private financial interests in Ukraine.
The same thing happened to Michael Cohen, who was Trump’s henchman, and ended up in prison, as Trump distanced himself from him, even though Cohen was always acting on Trumo’s orders.

However, I would like to turn your attention to one thing…Rudy said that he had “insurance” in case Trump threw him under the bus. Sure, he could have been joking…but did he maybe suggest that he was going to spill the beans and make Trump’s situation worse, if they choose him as a scapegoat?

2 months ago
magahat · 2 months ago

Rudy was joking when he mentioned that thing about insurance and being able to pay his medical bills. No conspiracy there. He is far too important to Trump to be “thrown under the bus”. And you know what? There is no reason for that.

JacePearce · 2 months ago

Cohen was also far too important to Trump.