Trans lunacy is facing a backlash





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patkgreen · a year ago

Just like climate change, there are no doubt “concerned” business people waiting in the background to “cash in”.

Facts · a year ago

How brainwashed do you have to be to believe that there is a group of climate change people waiting to cash in? Where’s the evidence of that? Where is the logic? Please show us how that is more likely than the energy companies lying about the dangers of climate change, and who demonstratively have lots of money at staked and actively cash in daily by denying climate change.

LukeBizzare · a year ago

And so it should face a backlash! Teachers are losing jobs for being “transphobic”…calling their pupils “boys and girls” and it is has become the norm to invite transvestites into primary schools to educate the kids about gender. Call me old fashioned but when there are 3 year olds taken to these gender clinics, as they are “confused,” this is a huge step too far in this Liberal project of pure insanity. While I accept that gender issues should be looked at sympathetically, this power of suggestion scheme is confusing kids rather than helping them, and the whole trans question has meant that parents are under pressure to act in the “right way”. I remember as a small boy, playing with a doll, while my girlfriend played with an “action man”…we weren’t rushed to a gender clinic, it was normal to share toys and just be kids.