Transgenderism: The great illusion





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@gobuddy gobuddy · #AskAnExpert · 7 months ago
FireStorm · 7 months ago

‘Trans’ is a dangerous ‘phenomenon’ branded by the woke left and I don’t agree with descriptions of babies being “born without a sex,” as Pink Floyd said, all those years ago, “leave those kids alone”! All human beings find out who they are as they go through life, the Trans brigade through their power of suggestion are looking to damn normal family lives, and in turn confusing the gender issue while pushing their gender political agenda. In the U.K we now see drag queens and transvestites bring invited in to primary schools, books being distributed highlighting same sex parents with their kids…anything and everything to savage a conventional family unit, which is dangerously wrong. The Trans community consists of a very small percentage of people in Nations around the World, and their coverage and exposure is completely unbalanced and shouldn’t warrant this much attention. Homelessness, law and order and other more important problems seem to have taken a back seat to these people who suggest that my recently born Grandson…is in fact not!? Ridiculous and very worrying

Absinthe_Mind · 7 months ago

I don’t know very much about Transgenderism and wish these people good vibes, however, some of the implications especially when there are mixed gender people sharing eg; a female changing rooms is moving towards dangerous ground. It is almost flippant and certainly too convenient that Trans people can identify as Male, Female, this or that, at any given time, almost on a whim. It’s becoming a little like the 60’s, but without the acid.