Was Biden really arrested in South Africa?





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ashandkev · 4 months ago

No one else remembers this happening apart from Joe Biden?

FireStorm · 4 months ago

You are telling ‘porky pies’ Joe.

Absinthe_Mind · 4 months ago

Well, where is the documented evidence of this? Biden has done what he does so well, shot himself in the foot whilst deceiving voters (especially African Americans) as he vies for the South Carolina win. It stinks of desperation as this one time favourite attempts to get back on course after Iowa and New Hampshire, and he has gone ‘Warrenesque’ with this unlikely tale which will further damage his credibility.

stablegenius305 · 4 months ago
truth_hurts · 4 months ago

Joe Biden and Richard “Vietnam Combat Vet” Blumenthal must drink the same hallucinogenic tea.