SilentEyes · 3 months ago

Add the 'political correctness (The ridiculous ones) to the list and we will all be talking backwards in a few years time???

GardenRose · 3 months ago

It is not about “political correctness”. It is about the right to a human dignity.

JacePearce · 3 months ago

The politicians in the U.K are expert at this…and the media pick up on it…Islamaphobia, Snowflake, Remoaner, to name but a few. The left set the worse example referring to Tories or Brexit supporters as 'fascist, ‘Nazi’ etc.
I think that uttering the word ‘surrender’
pales into insignificance.

Absinthe_Mind · 3 months ago

I noticed that the ‘traitor’ John Major mentioned Brexiteers using the term ‘surrender’ (regarding politicians refusal to support the will of the people) are ‘inciting violence’…what a load of old tosh! John Major, who vilified Johnson for proroguing Parliament, yet prorogued Parliament as Prime Minister over the cash for questions scandal and lost his job.
The word and thought police are just following their own agenda to minimise key words that are used to oppose those agendas.