What is helping Islamist terror to flourish?



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JacePearce · 4 months ago

Islamist terrorism has continued to
flourish because of the Liberal’s
policy of diversity at any cost.
This diversity has resulted in the
slaughter of many innocent victims
around the globe, as many jihadists
have infiltrated peaceful societies,
unchecked, in order to massacre the
The latest murder spree by Usam Khan,
born in England, and of Pakistani origin,
could have been avoided, had the
judicial system not have been so naive.
Khan was charged in 2011 for planning
a terrorist training centre in Kashmir,
(where his parents ran a mosque), and
also planned to bomb pubs and restaurants
in his local area in England.
He was also targeting several London
landmarks, and even the (then) Major,
Boris Johnson was on the list.
Why was this dangerous Jihadist
released in 7 years from a 16 year
Jihadists are able to implement ‘Taqiyya’,
where a Muslim is allowed, under Sharia
law, to lie in order to trick the authorities,
Khan was also mentored by the hate
cleric Anjem Choudary, a lawyer infamous
for inciting terror attacks, who served
a long sentence in prison for his many
hate crimes inciting violence against
the West.
Experts claim that further radicalisation
is rife In prison, and a huge percentage
of these radicals are groomed to inflict
more violence on their release.
A Guantanamo bay system should be
adopted to segregate these would be
assassins, as the whole point of locking
these people up is to protect innocent
people, or I thought it was?
The authorities should also look very
closely at Mosques, where (in many cases)
the seeds of hate are sown.
Whilst our Liberals are courting the
merits of multiculturalism (I am all
for it, and there are many positive
examples of its success), it is time
to take a much harder line in
sentencing/deportation in order to
keep our people safe from these

gobuddy · 4 months ago

The willingness of the left to embrace
multiculturalism, at the expense of
victims of an aggressive ideology.

ben_afleck_is_an_ok_actor · 4 months ago

I visit London on a regular basis, and
was shocked to see radical islamists
openly waving Islamic state flags,
carrying placards with ‘death to the infidels’,
and many other aggressive slogans…
in the centre of London!!
I was shocked that these people, full
of hate, were allowed to scream their
abuse against a host country, without
any fear of arrest, it’s shameful.
British justice has become non existent
in dealing with this menace, no wonder
this problem continues to thrive.