White working-class boys failing everywhere



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stablegenius305 · 9 months ago

The sad fact is that in the UK, keeping the Muslim community happy to the detriment of everything else, is a priority. I can understand white working class kids position. Imagine the increasingly ultra liberal schools authorities, British history is a thing of the past in the curriculum, Churchill was a demon, you must say “chalkboard” as opposed to “blackboard”…which is racist (?!), rather than being taught metalwork, or woodwork, which was always a superb lesson for more practical minded, students…helping non academic kids to get a trade. A lot of these irreplaceable lessons have been replaced with “cultural studies,” “meet the Imams” and the like. As a working class Brit (living in the US), I cannot imagine what the current white working class boys make of all this, while they continue to be marginalized by the "system "

Absinthe_Mind · 9 months ago

In this woke, diversity driven World, it is now the norm in the UK that white males, especially those of a lower class background, are told to feel guilty about… being white. The rampantly anti-Semitic Labour Party lost the election partly due to ignoring working classes, especially in the North of England, and this Metropolitan elite, proposed open borders for the migrant votes, which they depend on, as working class white boys are of no use to these cultural Marxists. The BBC now hire more staff of ethnic origin and in many cases will not employ caucasian staff. Even the police service is at it. The recent scandal of child sexual grooming across the UK has highlighted the police’s inaction against Pakistani paedofiles, who were raping girls from working class backgrounds, but not brought to book in case political correctness and diversity was questioned! One Labour M.P…Naz Shah, commented about the young victims suggesting they should “shut their mouths, for the sake of diversity”. This racist woman is still serving as a Labour Minister. Multiculturalism has marginalised working class white kids and virtue signalling, woke, anti Union Jack, pro EU, ashamed of being white, Liberal youth are in a better position to get on in life. Mr Kalergi will be delighted that his plan is coming into motion.