Who wins the Brexit election?





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Sarahknowsbest · 6 months ago

If Johnson doesn’t get his majority, and
there is a hung Parliament…resulting
in a second referendum, then Brexit
is null and void, as the remainers will
win the day.

ashandkev · 6 months ago

Boris should prevail but it could be a
lot closer than many imagine.

Youngguari · 6 months ago

Johnson is home and dry.

patkgreen · 6 months ago

I think bumbling Boris will get the majority required.
After three years of division, the majority
of voters just want Brexit done.
Johnson, is the only option for getting it
over the line.
Two factors are key to Johnson’s success.
Five million Labour voters, voted leave,
and their M.P’s did not honour their
positions …and pushed for remain.
This misrepresentation will not be
forgotten, so Labour will suffer in
those constituencies.
The Brexit party agreed to withdraw
candidates from Tory majority regions, but
will fight both Tory and Labour candidates
in marginal seats, this could split the vote
in favour of Labour, but could also see
the Brexit party gain an M.P or 2, which
would spice up debate in the Commons.
Corbyn is not a popular choice as leader.
His poll ratings are low, and the anti
semitism scandal within his party will
not go away.
Johnson, for all his bluster and innuendo
is more trusted.