magahat · 13 days ago

Dems thought they had a ‘predestined right’ to bully and remove a President for nothing more than misdemeanour standard ‘offences.’ As Professor Dershowitz stated, “there was no crime here.”

Ive_got_a_sword · 13 days ago

The impeachment strategy of the democrats was just to get Trump out, they were outwitted, as the end game in the Senate and the ‘Dershowitz’ day exposed the frailties (in law) of the impeachment charges. I think Pelosi’s conduct in the whole affair caused a fair bit of bloodymindedness in the Senate hearing in Trumps favour. Schiffless tv will be most appreciated.

JibbaJabba · 12 days ago

They weren’t outwitted at all. It was destined to fail from the beginning with Republican control of the Senate. However it did succeed in outlining to the public the wrongs that Trump committed. If you think he did absolutely 100% nothing wrong then you weren’t paying attention.

CyberWorrier · 12 days ago

Why is this even a question? Because the Republican party has Senate majority and Trump is great at intimidating his party members.

Fubiz · 13 days ago

This impeachment which actually started straight after Trumps endorsement in 2016, has only ever been about the hatred of Donald Trump.

JibbaJabba · 12 days ago

The impeachment only happened because of the illegal actions Trump took. If Trump wasn’t an idiot making these moves in the first place then the impeachment trial never would have happened.

magahat · 12 days ago

Cardinal Richelieu: “If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him”.

If you are looking hard enough, you can find something to incriminate anyone.