Why is the British public feeling sorry for Shamima Begum?



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stablegenius305 · 2 months ago

It is a sad fact that the ‘cultural elite’ in Britain, those who endorse Hamas and Hezbollah sympathizer Jeremy Corbyn, now bow down to Islam rather than protect the thousands of white children, sexually groomed over many years by predominantly (98 percent plus) Pakistani grooming gangs. Shamima Begum chose her path, was willing to be a concubine for I.S fighters, showed little concern over decapitated heads in waste bins, and condoned as “justified” when 22 British youngsters were murdered by jihadists in Manchester! The far left antisemitic Labour Party has a huge Islamic membership and one Pakistani M.P, Naz Shah twittered after an exposé about grooming gangs and their victims, “they should shut up for the good of diversity,” about young teenage white kids. Personally, I would never allow Begum back to the U.K, she has expressed her callous, non-caring opinions in her actions and words and would still be a willing Caliphate member had it not been destroyed. The Labour Party and the cultural elite ought to be more concerned about the mass grooming and systematic rape of English kids by these Pakistani grooming gangs, who were ignored by the Police (who didn’t want to risk any racial tensions!!) and the social services, who were told to 'look the other way. The Labour Party have been very vociferous about Shamina Begum, wanting to airlift her into a deradicalization/social housing/full benefits world back in London, they have been eerily quiet about those working class kids who were overlooked and abused. It seems votes now come above protection and common decency to this woke, warped collective.

SleepyJoe · 2 months ago

She has such a zombie face. No life in her eyes. Completely brainwashed.

Absinthe_Mind · 2 months ago

Shamima Begum is an enemy of the State, she was fully compliant in her role as an Isis bride, to the extremities carried out, supporting terror against any ‘kuffars.’ Why on earth would the British support this evil young woman? The left claim that she was groomed via the internet before travelling and becoming an Isis groupie. Even at 15, she knew exactly what she was doing, and must bear the consequences.

FireStorm · 2 months ago

Surely this vile woman would be a danger to U.K national security if she were allowed back. She was right in the thick of the atrocities and was rubbing shoulders with senior Isis people within the caliphate. Begum made her bed, she must now lie in it.

Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops · 2 months ago

I have no idea, she is a traitor of the British people, she has fortunately just lost the first part of her appeal to be extradited back to Britain, and the majority of Brits/taxpayers think they should ‘lock the door and throw away the key’ to the prospect of this creatures return.