Why is woman now a dirty word?





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CyberWorrier · 9 months ago

What a load of woke nonsense! So, we cannot say the word “woman” in case a man decides one day that he is a woman, and the new phraze is “womxn.” Very difficult to pronounce, and another case of a minority group getting unbalanced attention while attempting to change the gender dynamic…because they can. A Labour councillor in the U.K recently stated that new born babies no longer belong to a sex… neither boy or girl, what do they expect, “it”! I don’t like this power of suggestion mentality from the Lbgtxyz group, let a boy be a boy a girl be a girl, a woman be a woman and a man be a man for Gods sake. If there is a gender issue then tackle it when it an issue. These people are creating a problem by narrowing the normal options and creating hundreds of others.

gobuddy · 9 months ago

Word police…even “mankind” is not good enough…it should be “humankind”:

Fubiz · 9 months ago

These fools would aspire to us carrying a war and peace sized reference book so we can address their ‘woke’ Frankenstein theories and be politically correct in their eyes!