stablegenius305 · 21 days ago

All will depend on how the crucial negotiations with the E.U over the terms and conditions work out. The Brits favour a harder Brexit to that of Brussels who will stall and twist and turn to maintain control in order to keep certain policies in their favour. The Brits have until December 31st to get a deal through while they are in transition.

FireStorm · 21 days ago

Eventually if will, as the UK will be able to trade with the likes of Australia, India, many African commonwealth nations and of course the U.S. Depending on the deal agreed with E.U , the removal of high tariffs will make business more profitable.

LukeBizzare · 20 days ago

We will always have the upper hand in those deals agreed with the UK. They are small fish. Might have been better for them if they were signing these deals as a part of the EU.