Adulation of Stefanik-on both sides



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I never thought I would ever post this, but here it is: Fox News and CNN agree on one thing. One person actually: Elise Stefanik.

Even though she is one of the staunchest defenders of Trump in the impeachment probe, giving Schiff a headache, CNN praises her style and moderate beliefs about climate change (she thinks it is a serious threat) and points out that she was against Yovanovitch tweet. Why is CNN praising her? I think because she is a woman who fights sexism, was working to raise money for female Republican candidates to run for Congress etc.

Fox News: “Another moment came later in the hearing when Stefanik read out comments from Schiff about how the whistleblower was going to testify “very soon” – comments that he had not allowed to be submitted for the record. As she did so, Schiff sat emotionless with his arms folded”. So, she destroyed Schiff. She is a great spokesperson who clings to facts only.

So, what do I think about Stefanik? She might run for a president in the near future. She has it all, charisma, a woman, New Yorker, young, feminist, loved by both Fox News and CNN…The only question is…is Trump grooming Don Jr to succeed him? I will write about that the next time.

gobuddy · 4 months ago

That moment…when she read out comments from Schiff about the whistleblower testifying soon, was brilliant. Hats off.