Can Trump keep his Republicans together?



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We have been reading about Trump facing a coup within his party, with many senators ready to turn their back on him. However, as it turns out today, 0 republicans voted for the Dems resolution which formalizes impeachment inquiry rules. CNN is suggesting that it is because of relentless lobbying and Trump buying off his senators. Fox News is suggesting that they are remaining true to their party’s principle, which is normal.
Do I think that the same can be expected when the Senate starts voting on impeachment? Yes, I do. It is like the trickle-down-effect. Monkey see, monkey do. They will just be copycats and do the same thing the majority of GOPs decides to do. A separate question, however, is whether this will lead to Republicans losing Senate in the run? I think it is possible. People can see that they have been obstructing the process, and not caring about democracy, but only about their party discipline.

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