CNN: Ex-ambassador blames Trump and Giuliani for her removal vs Fox News: Ex-Ukraine ambassador denies being anti-Trump

One of the biggest problems with our media are their misleading titles, designed to favor their own political candidates. People who vote for one candidate or another, usually choose to believe (or not) these sources, depending on what panders to their beliefs. For me, being an independent, it is easy to see through their manipulations, but for others, it is not. That is why I have chosen these two articles, from CNN and Fox news, to analyse and try to find the middle ground.

In CNN article, and it is clear already from the title, Marie Yovanovitch blames Trump for “leading concentrated effort against her”. According to Fox News article, there was continued pressure from President Trump to remove her, but they also point out that she denied being anti-Trump and that her removal was the result of some people with “clearly questionable motives” telling lies to the President.

Therefore, we can see that the main difference is in the emphasis. However, both CNN and Fox News were wrong to a degree. It is clear from Yovanovitch’s statement that she blames “certain people” for leading concentrated effort against her, which resulted in the President removing her. However, it is also clear that she does not blame Trump for “leading concentrated effort against her”, but only for believing people with questionable motives. That is what is wrong about CNN article. However, Fox News also made a mistake in choosing what to emphasize, because Yovanovitch “not being anti-Trump” is certainly not the most important part of her statement. They also fail to point out that she did blame Giuliani and his associates.

5 months ago
Youngguari · 5 months ago

Bravo. This is much better than what you can read in most of our news sources. At least it is impartial and logical. Keep up the good work.