CNN: What Pierre Delecto tells us about the current GOP vs Fox News: Huckabee embarrassed for Romney

So we have a new issue now. Republican senator Romney was using a fake twitter account named “Pierre Delecto”, and mostly using it to defend his own image.
According to CNN analyst, there is something we can learn about the current Republican Party from this. That is “a metaphor for how elected Republican officials, more broadly, are dealing with Trump: light criticism (at most) in public and open anger, frustration and near-rebellion behind the scenes or covered by the anonymity of quotes without their names attached”.
On the other hand, according to Fox News and Huckabee, Mitt Romney “bounces back and forth like a tennis ball” and should man up and say it if he has got something to say, instead of acting childishly.

Fox News is wrong to make it look like Romney is the only big child around and that having a pseudonym is unheard of. Trump had pseudonyms, and so did Obama, as well as the Federalists ( On the other hand, CNN is wrong to conclude that Romney’s fake twitter tells us something about the current GOP. The only thing we can learn from it has to do with human nature.

4 months ago
Hamburgler · 4 months ago

How many followers did this Twitter account even have?