Covering completely different stories? Alternative realities of our mainstream media

It looks like CNN-Fox News war for our minds and souls is entering a completely new phase. Before, they used to cover the same story in a completely different way. Now they are just covering what suits them, and pretending that what does not suit them does not exist.

Just compare these titles:

CNN: A diplomat suddenly remembers the quid pro quo vs Fox News: Former US envoy pushed back on quid pro quo claims

Of course, CNN story is about Sondland, who released a three-page addendum to his congressional testimony, and suddenly remembered quid pro quo, while Fox News story is about Walker, former US envoy, who pushed back on quid pro quo claims.

What should we make of all this?

Regardless of what the media tells us, we should try to rely on our own reasoning, and understand that most of these witnesses only have a second-hand account of what was going on, and that they are not likely to offer any definitive answers.

2 months ago
ashandkev · 2 months ago

That is a good observation. I have noticed the same. Their strategy now is to cover-up and spin as much as they can.
I only do not agree that these witnesses have a second-hand account of what was going on. Sondland, in particular, had a first-hand account.