Democrats decided to hold a full house vote: Who does it suit?

Fox News: David Bossie: Baseless Trump impeachment inquiry by desperate Democrats makes dramatic flip-flop

The Democrats have been claiming that they do not need approval by the full House of Representatives to run the impeachment inquiry, they have now changed their mind, which is a proof that they were wrong all along. What they have been doing with their closed-door depositions and lack of due process, amounts to a coup or trials in the USSR. Now, they are admitting that their impeachment inquiry has been unfair, which is the reason to neglect all testimony until now. Their present resolution is terribly wrong, because it requires Republicans to seek Schiff’s approval to subpoena witnesses and documents.

CNN: How the Democrats’ impeachment rules neutralize key Republican complaints.

Democrats’ resolution neutralizes many of Republican complaints. To begin with, they will hold a formal vote. Secondly, hearings will be public from now on. They will make the transcripts of depositions
publicly available. Republicans will now have subpoena power and they will be able to cross-examine witnesses.

Middle Ground:

It remains unclear why the Democrats have now decided to hold a formal impeachment vote, after claiming that they did not need it. It is safe to say that they succumbed to some kind of pressure, rather than just depriving Republicans of their main complaints. House Rules Committee is controlled by the Democrats, which is why the resolution can be considered a dead letter. It is definitely more of a victory for them, than Republicans. If Republicans secured any kind of victory, that is only a Pyrrhic victory.

3 months ago
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